'Ancient Writing, Contemporary Voices' - Event videos

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The event ‘Ancient Writing, Contemporary Voices: Decolonising the Mesoamerican Quincentenary’, held digitally by the British Museum between June 21-25 2021, critically commemorated 500 years since the fall of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, in what is now Mexico City, to Spanish conquerors.

It was part of an ongoing project where a group of Indigenous archaeologists from Mesoamerica are using their own contemporary Indigenous languages and their academic knowledge, to create new interpretations of pictorial manuscripts and glyphic inscriptions from the British Museum’s collection. 

The event included academic talks and artistic representations such as film, theatre, fashion, and poetry.  If you missed the live sessions, you can watch the presentations in the following videos.

For presentations in Spanish language, you can activate the subtitles in the video settings.

Day 1 – Introduction and Mixtec region


Day 2 – Mixtec region


Day 3 – Maya region


Day 4 – Maya region and Nahuatl region


Day 5 – Nahuatl and Hñähñu region