‘Artes Vivas’ Indigenous collective's open studio - Watch it here

Osvaldo Pitoe, one of the artists from ‘Artes Vivas’ collective


‘Artes Vivas’ Indigenous collective is part of the collaborative project ‘Collection, Mission, Colonisation: Encounters and Entangled Histories from the Chaco‘ carried out with SDCELAR. The group is based in Paraguay and integrated by Osvaldo Pitoe, Jorge Carema, Efacio Álvarez, Esteban Klassen and Marcos Ortiz (since passed away).

With their drawings, the artists communicate the dispossession of their territories and the loss of autonomy while at the same time they witness the strength and resilience of indigenous ways of living. 

“I like to draw fishing, hunting and the search for honey, which are our activities, the ones that nourish us. When we have nothing to eat, I think about fishing. Before, we used to go to the river and catch some fish, and with that we already had enough to eat. Here at the mission, there are no fish; we have to buy something or exchange something for food,” says Jorge Carema.

In March 2022 the artists presented an online open studio about their series of drawings with pen and paper that now you can watch in Spanish with English subtitles.