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Created by SDCELAR and its collaborators, ‘Made in Latin America’ hosts stories and new interpretations of remarkable collections from the British Museum. ​

Made in Latin America is a podcast where SDCELAR curators and their Latin American colleagues describe objects and projects that deepen and challenge what we know about the region. 

Throughout this series, items from a collection of over 60,000 objects, many of which have never been on display, will be discussed from various perspectives.

S1 A
Tonindeye Codex
S1 A
Tonindeye Codex
S1 A
Tonindeye Codex

This first season explores one of the few pre-Hispanic pictorial manuscripts to still exist: the Tonindeye Codex. We will focus on contemporary Indigenous interpretations of this codex, which was crafted over 500 years ago in the Mixtec region in south-eastern Mexico.


The complex language in which it is written, a unique blue pigment with which it is painted, hallucinogenic practices, and a dramatic story told within its pages are some of the themes that inspire this season. 


Throughout the episodes, you will hear from some of the Indigenous academics, artists and musicians who are currently working with this codex. We are especially grateful to Aurora Pérez Jiménez and Maarten Jansen, whose research on the Tonindeye Codex has made this podcast season possible.


Each episode will also include a vivid narration of the adventures of Lord 8 Deer Jaguar Claw, the protagonist of the codex voiced by Mixtec rapper Miguel Villegas Ventura.


The podcast hosts are British/Mexican anthropologist, Laura Osorio Sunnucks and Puerto Rican archaeologist, María Mercedes Martínez Milantchi, who are both SDCELAR curators.

This series has been possible due to the collaboration of:


An episode of this season will be released every Wednesday throughout June and July 2022. Listen to them on your favourite podcast platform or here: 

Lord 8 Deer

E4 – Maya Blue: the enigmatic pigment

A special pigment found in the codex that is not only aesthetically pleasing but has amazing properties that artists and scientists are trying to replicate. *Find more information about the ‘Maya Blue’ project here.


E3 – The Ñuu Savi, People of the Rain

Meet the people behind the Tonindeye codex and their descendants. Many projects in this season are led by these Indigenous researchers. * Find here the app mentioned in this episode.


E2 – Deciphering pictographs

Written in pictographs, not alphabetic or syllabic writing. Who can read the codex and what does it say?


E1 – The Tonindeye Codex

The Tonindeye codex is 500 years old and one of the few surviving pre-Columbian pictorial manuscripts in Latin America. Why is it so fascinating and what stories does it tell?


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The Tonindeye codex

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